Bonuses, slots and Android casinos.

Every Android casino ( ) has several slot games for its players. These games are very easy to play and that is why they are so popular among gamblers. However, it isn't that easy to win money off slots.

How do you play slots?

Every slot game carries several symbols which are placed on its reels. To win your game, you have to reset these symbols according to a winning combination. There are two kinds of slots- Classic and Video.

  1. You can play slots for money also.

Classic slots are easier of the two but offer limited winning possibilities to players. Video slots, on the other hand, are not only more exciting, but also have more winning chances. Many newbies prefer classic slots.

What about video slots?

Every video slot has a unique storyline, theme, and symbols. Some slots also have special symbols and features. With the aid of these features, you can get more playing opportunities. Please carry on with this article.

These special symbols are Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, etc. Special features are free spins, bonus rounds, etc. Some video slots may also have game-specific special features. Look at the game's pay table and understand the symbols and features.

What are House Edge, RTP and Volatility?

Slots have a higher house-edge than the other games. House-edge is the mathematical advantage enjoyed by the casino on that game. Every slot has an RTP as well. This metric indicates that game's profitability.

Some games can make you very rich or poor in a matter of minutes. These are highly volatile games. Low to moderate volatility games pay money very gradually. Newbies can play low volatility games and cut their losses.

What are slot bonuses?

With a slot bonus, you can get more playing chances on your game. More chances mean getting more opportunities to win money. This is important because slots have a higher house edge than the other games.

  • You can play slots for free also.

Claim your welcome bonus as soon as you sign-up and make a deposit with your casino. Make sure this bonus is slot-specific. You can use this welcome bonus in two ways. Use it for playing games or withdraw it.

Are their other slot bonuses?

Play more games and get more and better slot bonuses. Punters who like staking big money can get High Roller bonus from their casino. Reload your casino account frequently and receive a fantastic reload bonus.

You may also like to use the Loyalty Bonus. This comes to players in the form of loyalty points and rewards. Players exchange these rewards for bonuses and try to win more money off their slots.